Lynne Klippel

Book edits for various authors for, Love Your Life Publishing, and Thomas Noble Books


Dr. Arun Mathews

Edits of a non-fiction book, medical training and educational materials, a game, and other documents for a physician, requiring familiarity with medical terminology


Christine Kloser

Book edits for various authors for a publisher. (I've provided an editing prize for Christine’s Transformational Author writing contest each year since 2011.)


Barb Zeigler

Edits of website content, newsletters, and blogs


Dr. Darryl Cross

Book edits for a psychologist and author


Loree Bischoff

Edits of a self-help book and blogs 


Nancy Shugart

Book edits for an advocate for the handicapped


Nathalie Allard

Rewriting articles for a website design firm


Alicia Legg

Edits of a self-help book and its book proposal