Review from the author of

Me, Finally: Navigating Life with an Open Heart

The experience of witnessing Gwen skillfully make the necessary technical edits, while simultaneously holding sacred the energetic essence of Me, Finally was truly magical and resulted in a clear message that i am filled with joy to share with all.


MitchTishler, 11/26/15,

Review from the author of
Power Up for Profits: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing

Gwen is a wonderful editor to work with. She knows exactly how to tighten up my writing and make me shine. She is always responsive, and a consummate professional. I can highly recommend Gwen for her skill and work ethic.

—Kathleen Gage, 7/18/13,

Review from the owner of Business Skills for Coaches
Gwen has been my editor for my website and blog for over a year. Not only is she a talented editor, she is beyond dependable and her turn-around time feels almost immediate. I highly recommend Gwen to anyone who needs a great copywriter.
—Barb Zeigler, Business Skills for Coaches, 1/18/13,
Review from the author of
Common Sense Happiness: 5 Principles for People Who Want to Stop Whining, Bitching, and Suffering (also a blog writer)
It's like Gwen knit a nice, neat scarf out of a mess of good, yet tangled yarn!
—Loree Bischoff, 4/8/12,
Review from the co-author of
Hospitalist Medicine Manual and co-creator of Healing Blade (a game)
Amazing, thorough work, with a strong eye for medical terminology and the complexities this entails. A real professional who truly becomes engaged with each task she takes on.
—Dr. Arun Matthews, 7/21/11,
Review from the author of
Prove Them Wrong: The Kids Who Refused to Quit and
Challenged to Win: Turning Overwhelming Challenges Into Unbelievable Results
Gwen is absolutely fabulous! She did editing and formatting of an entire book for me. I am extremely pleased with everything she did and very grateful to her for her outstanding response times.
—Nancy Shugart, 3/2/10,
Review for website article rewrites
Gwen is wonderful to work with. She constantly exceeds my expectations, always delivers on schedule and very often before the deadline. She is very keen to find out more about the subject and in order to improve her work, she goes out of her way to carry out her own research.
—Nathalie Allard, 2/1/10,
Review from the publisher of
Leashes and Lovers: What Your Dog Can Teach You about Love, Life, and Happiness, by Sheryl Matthys
Gwen was a Godsend. She did a great job for me, with a short turnaround time, and delivered exactly what I was looking for. I plan on using her services in the future!
—Christine Kloser, 1/12/10,
Review from the co-author of
SCD Lifestyle – Surviving to Thriving: How to Start the Specific Carbohydrate Diet in 24 Hours and Survive the First 90 Days and Beyond
Gwen was extremely professional, easy to work with and turned around an edit on an ebook within an extremely tight time frame. She helped readability and flow of the book tremendously. She went above and beyond by reading a book on our topic before editing the book. If we ever need another editor she will be our first call.
—Steven Wright, 11/23/09,
Review from the author of No Adult Left Behind
Gwen is a consummate professional. Her commitment to a quality result is absolutely beyond compare. The value compared to the superior quality she delivers is amazing. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Gwen in the future.
Alicia Legg, 3/31/09,
Review from the coordinator of Creating Amazement: The O’Meara Process “at Work”
Outstanding work! Gwen took a bunch of interview transcripts and turned them into a readable product. Then she went beyond scope to help edit some additional pieces of the product. She is detail oriented, extremely professional, and a master of grammar. She also has a great ear/eye for good writing and thus a fine editor/writer. I highly recommend her and will use her services again!
—Andrew Neitlich, 2/26/09,
Review from the author of The Second Coming, a novel
Gwen did a fantastic job, working and meticulously editing a 73,000 word novel. Her keen eyes caught and fixed grammar and spelling errors but, more importantly, subtle plot irregularities while keeping the author’s voice and story strong. Her quality of work, professionalism, and flexibility are unmatched. If I ever need an editor again, rest assured she will be my first choice.
—Patrick Pianezza, 7/23/08, (803) 622-7392
Review from the author of Outstanding You (her first job as a professional editor!)
Gwen exceeded my every expectation. From the very first communication, her first priority was my readers. This is what she was ultimately hired for – and she executed flawlessly. Not only did she do a spectacular job, taking the book to the next level and beyond, but she did it quickly, with honest, quality feedback and fast communication. I appreciated her willingness to share her thoughts while not taking away from the essence of the subject matter. Currently, I have two jobs, one is in an office, managing a creative staff, the other is developing as an author. It’s quite common for me to provide feedback to creative people and I understand the sensitive nature of recommending changes to people who care passionately about their work. So does Gwen. She quickly built a relationship between the two of us that allowed her to honestly express her thoughts while making changes that improved the book. Gwen noticed the little and big issues in my manuscript. She quickly re-structured certain areas to make the book more efficient and effective, while maintaining the creative aspects. Most importantly, this book is about fitness and the proper terminology and order of my processes/systems is obviously critical to the success of my clients. Gwen took great care in making sure not to diminish the technical side of my coaching, yet she was able to make it flow better. On the technical side, Gwen did a fantastic job. She found mistakes and offered quality suggestions that made more sense and fit the book well. Rather than adding "flowery" words, she fortified the terms while keeping my style front and center. It was as if she was on my team from the very start, rather than someone who stepped in at the end. I highly recommend Gwen for your editing needs. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime at Thank you very much Gwen, I anticipate great things from this book and many more to come for the both of us!”
—Ron Betta, 4/9/08,