From sales copy to employee manuals and correspondence, over the years I edited everything that came across my desk. After thirty years in accounting and business administration, I decided to focus on what I liked best about my career – editing and writing.

Now I work from home as a freelance editor, enjoying the freedom to choose projects best suited to my talents. I love the way the science and art of grammar bring the right and left brain into partnership!
I studied voice and fine arts at the University of Connecticut, and spent several years as a veterinary assistant before tackling the corporate world. Then I escaped from New York City to the wilds of Colorado in 1979, which led me to explore new social and geographical realms. The wide variety of my life experiences has afforded me a diverse background that I apply to editing in many disciplines.
After a fabulous four-year stint near Troy, Montana, I now live on the coast of Maine enjoying an altogether different environment. When I’m not editing or enjoying the outdoors, I’m reading to further broaden my literary horizons.